Smart extensions to your existing applications

Using the latest and greatest technology in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Low-code Apps and Artificial Intelligence (AI), we build smart extensions on Microsoft365 that can further support or even completely take over common office tasks.

Smart bots

Smart bots take over repetitive administrative work that is not easy to automate within your existing IT applications themselves.

Often it involves exchanging information between business applications (ERP, CRM, HRMs) on the one hand and Microsoft 365 applications (Office, Outlook, Sharepoint and Teams) on the other.

What our bots do like:

Retrieving, entering and checking orders or invoices

Scheduling appointments

Sending notifications

Creating and sending reports

Retrieving, organizing and storing documents

Performing compliance checks

Checking written hours

Working with all your applications

When it comes to business applications, our bots prefer to work with Dynamics 365. But the bots can also work with other and even outdated applications (without digital links) without having to modify them: using "UI Automation," the bots simply operate the screens as your people normally would.

Logging into external portals

Moreover, with this same "UI automation" technology, the smart bots can also retrieve or input information from external websites, for example, portals of customers, suppliers or government agencies.

Can handle anything with AI

And using Artificial Intelligence (AI), the bots can also read and process PDFs, such as orders or invoices and scanned forms, even if they are handwritten.

Smart apps

While the smart bots on the back side do all the repetitive work, the smart apps on the front side provide easy and fast interaction between your employees on the one hand, and all your data and applications on the other.

Examples of smart apps:

A tool for entering the same data simultaneously in multiple applications

A tool for approving employee requests

A digital 'switchboard' for managing notifications to employees

A more user-friendly interface for an outdated application

A management dashboard

A virtual assistant that looks up and summarizes information (internal or external)

A mobile app for on-site maintenance data retrieval and viewing

Not only for employees

In addition to employees, smart apps can also be deployed toward customers or partners. For example, in the form of a service portal or app, or a user dashboard.

Tandem with the smart bots

Of course, these apps can also be used to manage the smart bots. For example, with regard to scheduling work, or catching exception cases that the bot itself does not manage.

Maximum integrated

By the way, due to the close integration with Microsoft 365 (and Dynamics 365), instead of creating a separate app, it is often also an option to create a "plug-in" for one of your existing applications. This means, for example, that an additional button then simply appears in Teams or Sharepoint, with which the functionality can be invoked directly.

Underlying technology

To develop our smart apps & bots, we use today's best low-code platforms.

Microsoft Power Platform

In most cases, we use Microsoft Power Platform. Apart from the extensive functionality, a major advantage is that this platform integrates seamlessly with your Microsoft 365 environment, so things like user rights and data management are already taken care of, and existing User Interfaces can be reused.

As a result, the required licenses are also largely already covered in your existing Microsoft 365 licenses, making the total additional licensing costs for the smart apps & bots usually very low.

UiPath Automation Platform

For more extensive automations, where large and continuous streams of documents or transactions need to be processed, we often use the UiPath Automation Platform.

For more extensive automations, where large and continuous streams of documents or transactions need to be processed.

Microsoft AI Builder

The smart apps & bots are "smart" not only because they can be built quickly and affordably, but also because we can give them intelligent skills, using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

In most cases, we develop these skills with Microsoft AI Builder. This platform is an extension of Microsoft's Power Platform, and contains many pre-trained AI skills that are easy to implement in your smart apps & bots.