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File objections on the OM website

IT applications involved:
Microsoft 365, custom ERP, website OM

At this online legal services provider, more than 200 appeals against traffic fines are uploaded to the prosecution every week. Daily, the bot works through a list of cases for this purpose. The corresponding appeals are retrieved and then the corresponding case is looked up in the OM portal.

The smart bot navigates through the OM website, recognizing the web pages and finding the right buttons on the screens in the web browser (UI Automation). Here it then fills in all the information and uploads the appeal. The status of the cases during the process is always maintained in the list. Here the user can also find the cases that could not be processed by the automated process.

The bot ultimately ensures, that some 450 hours a year of repetitive work are saved. Maintenance is carried out by the user as part of "Citizen Development.