Increase office productivity with our smart apps & bots forMicrosoft365©‍

Every office is short of hands. We build smart apps and bots that can support or take over common work, leaving your employees more time for what really matters.

Still spending a lot of valuable time on repetitive administrative work?

And you just can't get this solved within your existing IT applications? We can also digitize and automate this work for you. Fast, affordable and without adapting your current systems.

Microsoft365 environment and licenses as a foundation

All relevant business applications linked

Business in the lead, IT in control

Our clients

Smart extensions to your existing applications

Using the latest and greatest technology in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Low-code Apps and Artificial Intelligence (AI), we build smart extensions on Microsoft365© that can further support or even completely take over common office tasks.

Our smart bots

Take over repetitive administrative work that is not easily automated within your existing IT applications themselves.

Our smart apps

provide easier interaction with your data and systems, as well as being the interface for "managing" the smart bots.

Hitchhike directly on the latest developments in AI

Our apps & bots are not only "smart" because existing applications do not need to be modified for them, but also because we can give them intelligent skills, using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Why choose Node1?

Node1 has been a reliable partner in IT for over 10 years. With our smart apps & bots, we also show that digitizing and automating can also be done quickly and affordably.

All quickly developed and easily maintainable

Our apps & bots are developed low-code. This ensures that development is not only faster, but also more iterative, allowing draft versions to be shown and tested at an early stage. In addition, the maintenance costs of low-code applications are also much lower.

Maximum use of what you already have

Our apps & bots are smart extensions to your existing Microsoft365© environment, most of which can also simply run on your current licenses. In addition, your business applications can also be linked, without having to change them (even if there are no digital links).

Complete outsourcing of your Business and IT department

IT implementation and innovation projects can demand a lot from a business, and can quickly go off the rails without proper attention. We therefore supervise all required alignment, decision-making and direction at both your Business and IT departments. With this, we ensure that the Business is in the lead, while IT remains in control.