Increase office productivity with our smart apps & bots‍

Hands are in short supply in every office. We implement smart apps & bots, which automate manual office work and can also replace expensive or outdated business applications. All seamlessly integrated with Microsoft 365. So that your employees have more time for what really matters.

No longer satisfied with one of your current business applications?

Then we can either link it to a smart bot (which completes what the application in question cannot currently do itself), or completely replace it with a cheaper and more user-friendly smart app:

Seamlessly integrated with your Microsoft 365 environment (Outlook, Teams, SharePoint)

Low-code Microsoft implementations, so easily customizable and extensible

Low licensing costs (you only pay for Microsoft Dynamics 365 / Power Platform)

Our clients

Based on the latest Microsoft technology

Our smart apps & bots are implemented low-code based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform, making them seamlessly integrate with your Microsoft 365 environment, easily customizable and extensible, and have low licensing costs.

Our smart apps

These are user-friendly and flexible Dynamics 365 applications that play a central role in one or more of your business processes. They often replace an outdated CRM or Customer Service system, or expensive industry-specific business applications that no longer meet today's needs.

Our smart bots

-These are smart 'add-on' applications based on Power Platform, which automate or digitize what your current business applications (e.g. ERP package) cannot do themselves. This removes a lot of manual input and control work from the users of the application.

Hitchhike directly on the latest developments in AI

Our apps & bots are "smart" not only because they are implemented low-code and integrate seamlessly with Microsoft 365, but also because they are packed with AI-based features, such as Microsoft Copilot and Intelligent Document Processing.

Why choose Node1?

Node1 has been a reliable partner in IT for over 10 years. With our smart Microsoft-based apps & bots, we also show, that modernizing your application landscape can also just be simple, fast and affordable.

Complete outsourcing of Business and IT

Even simple software implementation projects can easily go off the rails without proper attention.We therefore supervise all required alignment and direction at both your Business and IT departments. In doing so, we ensure that the Business is in the lead, while IT remains in control.

Everything easily customizable and expandable

Our apps & bots are developed low-code. This ensures that implementation is not only faster, but also more iterative, which means that 'draft' versions can always be tested at an early stage. In addition, the cost of extensions and modifications is also much lower.

Fast and solid support

Our smart apps & bots are, of course, "rock-solid. But sometimes things can still go wrong in use. In that case, we are of course immediately at your service, and if possible with the specialists who were involved in the implementation of your smart app or bot.