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Checking & processing payroll run mutations

IT applications involved:
Microsoft 365, online payroll package

In the payroll consulting department of this accounting firm, some 4,000 payroll administrations are checked every month. The first smartbot automatically checks every day in the online payroll package, whether there have been mutations in any of these administrations and reports them to the employee responsible for checking and processing.

At the end of each month, the second smart bot, at the request of the responsible employee, prepares an Excel report with a number of automated final checks for one specific administration on Sharepoint. The administration is then approved by the employee and the monthly payroll run can be done.

The interaction between the bots and the online payroll administration package is done partly via a digital link (API) and partly via interaction with the screens in a web browser (UI Automation).

Together, the two smart bots ensure that some 2,800 hours of work are saved each year and that the remaining work is spread out over the month.