kitchen manufacturer

Processing & booking of purchase invoices

IT applications involved:
Google Workspace, IBM AS/400 ERP system

This large kitchen manufacturer receives about 240,000 purchase invoices annually from more than 100 different suppliers. Node1 built a smart bot that automatically retrieves these invoices from email every day, reads them and then processes them in the ERP system.

Reading the invoices is done using artificial intelligence ("document recognition"). If the bot is in doubt when reading a specific field, the invoice is forwarded to an app, where an employee can still read and enter the field manually. On this basis, the smart bot is also retrained so that it can do it itself the next time.

Using the data read out, the bot then checks in the ERP system whether the items in question were actually delivered and whether the amounts correspond with the quotation. If anything does not match, the bot sets the invoice aside for an employee to pick up. If everything is correct, the bot enters the invoice into the ERP system.