HR & Staffing

Approve hours & check invoices

IT applications involved:
Microsoft 365, Microsoft Business Central, external customer portals

Some 2,000 specialists work in the Netherlands from this outsourcing company, writing their hours every week. Node1 has built three smart bots and a number of apps that support the back office in checking the hours written, sending out reminders and notifications, and checking and finalizing the outgoing invoices.

The smart bots & apps operate as a kind of glue layer between the employees and the ERP system, now taking over 4 FTE of administrative work off their hands. Here the bots interact independently 24/7 with the ERP system, and the apps take care of the interaction with the back office employees and communication with the specialists and their managers.

To complement this, a bot was then also built, which automatically retrieves billed hours from this outsourcer's large "self-billing" clients in a web portal, and compares them with internally written hours.