Technology Scan

What is a technology scan?

With a technology scan we provide insight into whether existing technology is sufficient to realise the organization's objectives. And whether they can be deployed more intelligently.

Why a technology scan?

A technology scan clearly shows whether you have (still) sufficient innovative power with your existing technology. Whether you are able to deliver sustainable value for your customers.

Expert advice
Concrete plan


1. Analysis

With interviews, workshops and desk research we create insight into your current situation, ambitions and challenges.

2. Validation

We involve relevant stakeholders in interim updates to test the initial results of the analysis. This avoids surprises and provides room for progressive insight.

3. Tightening up

We continue to consult with stakeholders on a regular basis in order to substantiate and support the final conclusions.

4. Recommendation

In the final presentation we explain the scan results and you will receive a concrete advice report with points for improvement for the short and medium term.

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Organization leading

The ambitions and strategy of your organization are always the starting point. Node1 ensures that technology supports this as a means.


Our consultants have in-depth knowledge of digital technology, the latest developments and their significance for your organization.


Node1 partners and consultants have years of experience in developing and implementing digital solutions.


Node1 is fully aware of the latest trends and developments in digital technology and its practical application.

What's in it for you?

  • An advisory report that has been produced in clear steps and with a great deal of interim validation. 
  • Insight into the current situation, technology trends, the desired situation and the difference to be bridged.
  • Concrete points for improvement, supported by a planning and budget indication.

Through extensive fine-tuning, support is created and your organization is activated. With this concrete advisory report, follow-up steps can be set in motion immediately and effectively.

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