RPA Quickscan

What is a RPA Quickscan?

With a RPA Quickscan we analyze within your business processes which tasks can be automated with software robots. With a Proof of Concept, a test case, we proof that it works in practice.

Why a RPA Quickscan?

The scan provides insight into what RPA can do for your organization. By seeing it work specifically within your practice, the possibilities and opportunities become crystal clear.

Business Case
Testing in your practice


1. Process analysis

We analyze your business processes to find out where the use of software robots is possible. And where this has the greatest impact on improving productivity.

2. Business Case

Together we draw up a global business case and a roadmap for the implementation of RPA within your business processes.

3. Proof of Concept

Finally, we execute a Proof of Concept for one process in which we will show you how RPA works in your practice and lay a basis for further implementation.

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RPA Expertise

Node1 specializes in RPA. From simple task automation to complex applications with Artificial Intelligence, our experts know the possibilities and the right approach.

UiPath Partner

Node1 is partner of UiPath, Robot Software. As a result, we have a lot of practical knowledge and are always up to date with the latest RPA developments.

Thinking and doing

Node1 combines a long-term vision with a result-oriented approach. Not only beautiful plans. Also a well-considered implementation. That's how we really help you move forward.


At Node1 we have years of experience in developing and implementing digital solutions. We think of everything.

What's in it for you?

  • Insight into which of your work processes are suitable for RPA.
  • Insight into which process automation leads to a positive business case.

With concrete results from a Proof of Concept, you have certainty about the added value. And also useful material for demonstrations and a further rollout of RPA within your organisation.

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