RPA Implementation

What is an RPA Implementation?

Harnessing the power of RPA requires successful implementation. By thoroughly analyzing your business processes, optimizing them and configuring the software robots with UiPath. We are happy to help you with that!

Why an RPA Implementation?

Without proper implementation little success. Deploying software robots concerns your entire organization. Our RPA implementation process helps you to implement RPA in a project-based and manageable way within your organisation.

Fewer costs
Improved motivation
Clear approach


1. Analysis

Together we start analyzing existing work processes and design new processes in which the software robots are deployed. In doing so, we use Lean principles.

2. Development

With UiPath we configure the software robots and prepare the organizational and technical implementation. Your employees are trained to work with the robots themselves.

3. Testing

The entire process with operation of the robots is extensively tested.

4. Implementation

We prepare the implementation meticulously with you, including a fallback scenario. Subsequently, the robots can be taken into production within the renewed work processes.

5. Aftercare

We closely monitor the operation of the entire process and the performance of the robots. Improvements are implemented immediately.

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RPA Expertise

Node1 specializes in RPA. From simple task automation to complex applications with Artificial Intelligence, our experts know the possibilities and the right approach.

UiPath Partner

Node1 is partner of UiPath, Robot Software. As a result, we have a lot of practical knowledge and are always up to date with the latest RPA developments.


Within Node1 we work according to the Agile/Scrum methodology and with certified employees. Scrum facilitates flexibility, allowing us to get as much out of your budget as possible.


At Node1 we have years of experience in developing and implementing digital solutions. We think of everything.

What's in it for you?

  • A successful introduction of software robots.
  • Renewed work processes or parts thereof that are efficiently and faultlessly executed by software robots.
  • Trained employees who are now able to develop and/or manage software robots themselves.

Your organization now knows exactly what is possible and what is needed for a successful implementation of software robots. This knowledge can be used in a further rollout of software robots in your organization.

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