RPA Center of Excellence

What is the RPA Center of Excellence training?

A training in which you learn how to roll out RPA in your organization in a scalable way. How do you manage and organize the deployment and embedding of RPA? In this training you get all relevant information for an effective approach.

Why the RPA Center of Excellence training?

Because good preparation is essential for a successful result. Automating work processes often concerns your entire organization. With this training you will get the most out of it.



1. Introduction RPA Center of Excellence

There are several ways to integrate RPA deeply and effectively into your organization. You now know which one and we will analyse which form suits your organization well.

 2. Setting up the RPA Center of Excellence

During this part you will learn how to set up a RPA Center of Excellence, both technically and organizationally. How do you fill in different roles and how do you shape the controls?

 3. Organize company-wide rollout

What is involved in the broad roll-out of RPA in your organization? You will learn to plan and organize RPA, so that the integration of RPA becomes scalable and manageable.

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At Node1 we have years of experience in developing and implementing digital solutions. We think of everything.

Experienced teachers

The RPA trainers at Node1 are experienced lecturers and are affiliated with VU University Amsterdam and Utrecht University of Applied Sciences.

UiPath Partner

Node1 is partner of UiPath, Robot Software. As a result, we have a lot of practical knowledge and are always up to date with the latest RPA developments.

RPA Expertise

Node1 specializes in RPA. From simple task automation to complex applications with Artificial Intelligence, our experts know the possibilities and the right approach.

What's in it for you?

  • Knowledge about the approach of a scalable rollout of RPA.
  • Insights on the right approach for your organization.
  • A certificate of participation.

An integral approach makes the integration of RPA within your organization scalable. With relevant knowledge and organization-specific insights, you will prepare yourself for the right approach to RPA, from which you will also benefit in the long term.

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