Digital Strategy

What is digital strategy?

With a digital strategy we make concrete which technology you use to create value for your customers. Together we look at the future of your organization and the market. And we develop your battle plan for the coming years.

Why digital strategy?

The world is getting more and more digital. It is essential to give the application of digital technology a central place in your overall strategy. Putting your customer first and staying relevant. That's how you make a difference!

Dot on the horizon
Well thought-out plan
Concrete follow-up


1. Become acquainted

In a kick-off meeting we get to know each other. We explain the approach and make concrete agreements for the execution of strategy process.

2. Analysis

We create relevant insight. What do your customers want? What's the strength of your organization? What are the latest technological developments and trends? And what do competitors do? So that we know exactly where your opportunities lie.

3. Design

We put a dot on the horizon, where we want to go. And mark out the route to it. This roadmap makes concrete which technology we will implement when and what is needed to make it work.

4. Decision-making

In a final presentation, the plan is explained in detail, so that decisions can be made about the start-up of the projects.

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Organization leading

The ambitions and strategy of the organization are the starting point. Node1 ensures that digital technology supports this as a means.

Boardroom level

We have professionals with a lot of experience in governance and managing organizations. They think along on a strategic level, but also know how to involve the rest of the organization.

Practical and concrete

We make sure that the strategy forms a clear and realistic plan for you, with which you prepare your organization for the future and realize your ambitions.


Our strategists are always up to date with the latest technology trends in your sector. But also of important developments outside your sector, which can be a driver of change.

What's in it for you?

  • Validated internal and external analyses.
  • A vision of the future, strategy (roadmap) and plan of action.

With a digital strategy you have insight into which people, resources and structure are needed to realize your organization's ambitions. And you know which first concrete innovation projects can be put on the agenda.

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