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We help you develop RPA expertise independently and apply it to your business.

Certified RPA developers help you avoid the best practices, code standards and known pitfalls to develop RPA independently. We deliver 'RPA experts as a service'.

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This technology is the perfect solution for

Smart robots - Drag and drop
Most comprehensive platform and community
Low code - High development speed
Contract processing
File adjustments

RPA with platforms like UiPath are used in many places. With the rise of 'Citizen Development' and 'RPA Centers of Excellence' within companies, the demand for learning and developing RPA capabilities independently has increased. From Node1, we deliver compact expert teams of 1 - 2 persons consisting of an RPA Business Analyst and a Lead Developer to serve as a source of information, or as a flexible layer in an existing RPA team.

By applying an expert team, best practices and code standards are directly brought in, plus access to a very extensive set of experience in choosing processes, frameworks and best practices to develop.

The approach consists of a combination of process qualification, design and development. The expert team can, by working with the existing team, transfer a lot of knowledge in a short period of time. Projects can vary from a few days to several weeks, or as much longer as necessary.

First results within a month

Efficient document processing

Robots available 24 hours a day


Increased job satisfaction

RPA is a method of development based on a low-code method. Choosing the right processes, a design approach is very important to get the most out of UiPath.

Node1 is UiPath partner

At Node1 we use UiPath software to realize our robots. Known as the frontrunner in the RPA market, UiPath makes it possible to build quickly, implement easily and maintain easily.

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