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Find out what RPA can mean
for the logistics sector

The implementation of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in the logistics industry can bring enormous savings and improvements. It is possible to see the first steps of automation in action within a period of one month.

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This technology is the perfect solution for

File adjustments
Contract processing
Contract processing
File adjustments

Logistics has always been an industry where the pressure of competition is high. Yet many companies still rely on manual processes for planning transportation and monitoring changes. For sending status updates to customers and handling exceptions, digital progress is often not used to its full potential. This can cause delays and therefore a direct inconvenience to the customer.

RPA is a proven technology to deploy for repetitive, manual tasks like data entry. This allows your employees to fully focus on customers and valuable work.

At Node1 we work on innovative RPA solutions in combination with Artificial lntelligence (AI). One of our domain solutions realizes that required data is immediately retrieved and this information is flawlessly exchanged between different systems. It is possible to enter new data, automatically retrieve it from contracts or product information and process it immediately.

First results within a month

Easy to link with other systems

Direct processing of data

Robots available 24 hours a day

Improved cycle time and agility

Increased job satisfaction

RPA is not tied to other software solutions and can be fully up-and-running within a few weeks within your organization. Works on top of existing digital supply chain systems and software, SAP, NetSuite, ShipStation, AscendTMS, Quickbase, etc. RPA makes the digital improvement steps visible in the organization. This creates short term returns and discovers long term potential.

Node1 is UiPath partner

At Node1 we use UiPath software to realize our robots. Known as the frontrunner in the RPA market, UiPath makes it possible to build quickly, implement easily and maintain easily.

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