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Recognise handwritten text
with the help of AI

Discover how our domain solution can help your organization. Automatically recognize handwritten text in your documents, contracts and invoices so you don't have to check anything. Work more efficiently with the help of robotization and stay ahead of the market.

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This technology is the perfect solution for

Contract processing
File adjustments

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An image of any document can be placed below, after which an indication is given whether handwritten text has been found in percentages. The detection makes it possible to split a process where all forms with detected handwritten text are additionally checked for added handmade changes.

Identifying printed and handwritten text in documents with multiple handwritten annotations, which might partially overlap typed text, is a challenging task. Many current solutions use word- or line-level classification, which cannot effectively solve the above task.

The model used solves this by combining a full convolution network (FCN) with a conditional random field (CRF).

Contract processing
File adjustments

Accelerated innovation with robotisation

At Node1 we work on innovative RPA solutions combined with ArtificiaI Intelligence (AI). Our new domain solution recognizes handwritten text in (unstructured) documents. The technology ensures that employees no longer need to check documents for handwritten notes, while this information can be processed directly in your systems.

PHTI-WS: A Printed and Handwritten Text Identification Web Service Based on FCN and CRF Post-Processing (2019). Nicolas Dutly, Fouad Slimane, Rolf Ingold. Published in: 2019 International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition Workshops (ICDARW).

Every company has the challenge to respond to changes in the market. In a time where technological developments follow each other in rapid succession, it is extremely important to have a clear vision on how your company can remain relevant and grow.

"In addition to efficiency, RPA frees up time to let employees do what they do best!"

Robotics is a proven technology that makes work processes more fun and faster in many companies. Yet this technology continues to surprise with new possibilities with artificial intelligence (KI).

Easy to link with other systems

Increased job satisfaction

First results within a month

Data-driven insight

Recognize, read and process text

Efficient document processing

RPA is not tied to other software solutions and can be fully realized within a few weeks within your organization. Because of the self-learning aspect of AI, the solution will work towards 100% automation. RPA makes improvement steps visible in the organization. This creates return on investment in the short and long term.

Node1 is UiPath partner

At Node1 we use UiPath software to realize our robots. Known as the frontrunner in the RPA market, UiPath makes it possible to build quickly, implement easily and maintain easily.

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