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Check what your robots are doing - and where it can be done better

Gerald Been
minutes reading time
January 19, 2022

UiPath Insights is an interesting new tool that helps a company optimise RPA processes. In order to implement Insights successfully, it is important that companies work together with their IT consultant, so that you get the data you need.

Released in April 2021 as part of Automation Cloud, UiPath Insights allows you to see the performance of your automation program and its impact on your business. At its core, it consists of a series of dashboards (not much different from the dashboard products Node1 offers its customers) that provide information about your RPA: what are your robots doing, how successfully are they performing and is there room for improvement.

What kind of data can be extracted from the dashboards? For example, you can show Insights how much time is saved each week with your automated processes. Or how much money is being saved. Or how much money is saved per process per week. You can learn what percentage of invoices are processed without errors and how many require additional checks. This allows you to continuously check essential steps in your processes and adjust them immediately in order to improve them.

In addition to keeping track of all processes, queues and robots, Insights has even more important functions. Smart alerts let you know if there is a problem or error somewhere, for example if a process is taking too long. The tool is easily customisable, so that you can also measure other goals (based on KPIs you choose yourself) in addition to the amount of time and money saved. Finally, all data from the dashboards can easily be converted into reports that you can then share.

Who is it useful for
So who is Insights interesting for? Obviously, for anyone who wants to know if their robots are performing well or wants to improve performance. Business users will be particularly interested in the process outcomes and ROIs (in terms of hours and money saved). A company's RPA analyst or
automation centre of excellence will want to know what the RPA's performance and success rates are and whether errors are occurring. In addition, each specific company will want to know its own specific things and will need its own specific data. That's not a problem, because Insights is so easy to customise.

Adapt and go
Precisely because every company will have its own wishes and needs regarding the data output of Insights, the implementation of the tool requires special attention. The possibilities are almost endless. Some companies may not immediately know what they want to see in their dashboards, depending on exactly where they are in their RPA journey. In addition, using Insights also requires a bit of programming knowledge and familiarity with the calculations used.

Therefore, the IT consultant or the business' IT partner plays an important role during implementation. It works best if the business and the IT consultant discuss who the users will be, what their objectives are and what kind of data they need. They then set up the software in close cooperation, based on the business' objectives and needs.

After that, development is remarkably fast because everything is so easily adaptable. Normally with IT solutions you have to define everything in advance, but with this tool you can make adjustments as you work with it. You can do a new release every week and immediately get the data you need. Start simple, with maybe one or two KPIs, and then expand as needed.

All in all, we can say that Insights is a well-chosen name, because it delivers insight. Insights that are a vital part of RPA. The implementation of Insights is therefore an essential step in the RPA-journey of a company. The dashboards show what RPA actually delivers for your business. This new tool is something to be excited about.

Gerald Been
Managing Partner
Gerald is at the helm of Node1. With his strong vision, analytical view and technological expertise, he knows how to discover and refute the bottleneck in every project. A project is only successful when both measurable and tangible improvements have been made.

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